"His instruments are characterized by strong sound, rich in colour well perceived in large concert hall, Also Apart from his professional excellence, he is a wonderful human being." Nobuko Imai

Robert Blaszauer
Viola & Cello Maker

Robert Blaszauer was born in Pecs, Hungary in 1961. Under the watchful eye of his grandfather, a wood sculptor, Robert began his apprenticeship at the age of seven. It was in his grandfather's atelier that Robert learned to form the gentle curves of the wood, shaping the fine art of the music each piece would produce. While honing his carving skills, he also developed a strong talent and enthusiasm for playing classical music. Robert graduated from the workshop of Pal Saranszky with a Masters degree , followed by a successful career in Austria. He presented his works at several exhibitions across Europe, including Austria, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. He now has his own workshop in Budapest where he has resided since 1992 and continues to set new goals in producing the finest string instruments for his devoted following and new customers.

Message from Robert:
In creating and playing beautiful music, endless sound possibilities abound; strong and focused seamlessly blended with the warm and sensitive. My aim is to maintain an open and inquiring mind at all times, pursuing continuous improvement in my craft. I provide all musicians who visit my workshop with observant and personalized attention in creating the precise instrument they will cherish forever.


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